Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nearly 3 months ago I had a Soul Reading

Nearly 3 months ago I had a Soul Reading done by a good friend of mine. You can read about it here:
I had promised afterwards to do a guest blog spot for him there about my experience but have yet to do it.

A crucial point of the reading is that I am either an introvert or have social anxiety disorder, or both. I really don't like revealing myself to others. That has served me in various ways over the years and to some extent is a positive thing. Most people describe me as being a quiet, calming presence to be around. People who really get to know me realize I have a lot more going on under the surface. I don't trust many people to see my animated personality. I prefer to deal with most things internally. I think this makes it easier for me to be a good team member or to work alone productively. However at times I suffer in silence or cause others suffering with my silence. So I am seeking to achieve a balance.

I like to write and can type out a TL:DR ramble about many seemingly random subjects as they come to mind. The idea of other people reading what I write seriously hinders my process. I've always shied away from blogging or even keeping a journal for the fear that somebody might read it someday. So here is my attempt to grow, to evolve into someone who can be both an introvert and able to express himself when the time comes.  My next post should be the promised soul reading review, stay tuned and thank you for reading.